Gazing on the lonely road makes me want home
I tried pulling together but all went apart

My dreams, my vision,  my hopes and faith
Left me without a notice
I stood in the middle of a crowd yet felt alone
The cruelty of life dawned on me
Until last minute

I flipped through the pages of an holy book where a word hit me
Go in this thy might and do exploit
Meaningful yet meaningless
Grabbed the statement of the last minute and ran to the holiest
For interpretation or intercession
Indeed, last minute, not of the lab kid but of the supernatural man
Last minute of grace and testimonies restored
For last minute of mortar defers last minute of immortal.Gnashing of teeth and tears filled my heart
My troubles have doubled over the year
My voice i lost amidst despair
This evil clouded my view

A resounding voice of aggrieved parents
came like a rushing wind
Many times i block my ears but the echoes
i couldn’t withstand

My sisters were taken away forcefully during a life determinant
our mothers jump to the street like a mad woman chasing nothing
Some spoke their mind as it were
many couldn’t due to endless flow of tears

Home and Abroad we chanted our heart
Men with the power discharge our plea
They travel and dwell in their comfort
My sisters and mothers languish in pain

Help! Help! Help!
i cried out
Help me out of this menace
This cowards have stolen my freedom
Their fork and spoon are like spears piercing into my ribs
My decisions are made and my visions are blurred
This cankerworms are eating away my destiny
so i scream looking at the toppest top
if only you can come down and consume this imbeciles

My sisters are sent on missions of no return
i pleaded, let my turn come fast for I’ll rather be with the king than with the kings
The stings of death is better than the horrors of a fool

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