In yorubaland when someone is getting married we say that “won se igbeyawo”. coincidentally, i tried to analyse what and how the word came to be.
This is what i arrived at
Igbeyawo: I/gbè/iyà/wo
meaning: weigh your problems/troubles/challenges
Unfortunately, most people rush into marriages without propely analysing or weighing the pros and cons of getting married. Everybody want to be in a relationship because it is essential to socialise and part of socialisation is interaction and you can only interact with someone you are in a “relationship” with.  ‘Marriages are not meant for babies’ everytime i hear those words, i ask myself ‘what age exactly do you become fit to go into this great institution which issues your certificate on your day of entrance without seeing your performance. This brought me close to what we call trust, if the institution did not trust you that you’ll perform well, then a certificate of good performance will not be given to you. Unfortunately, most people get married for wrong reasons. Someone once told me that, she’s eager to get married because she can’t wait for people to start calling her MRS while another person said it’s a medium to acquire massive wealth and earn respect.  upon hearing this, i smiled and said, Didn’t this people have someone close who can analyse the responsibilities of getting married to them? As an individual, have you ever dwell on the fact that life is give and take?, the part of the scripture that says ‘God loves a cheerful giver’ is applicable in all areas of our life. Before setting out in search of your missing rib, analyse what it takes to bring him/her home, take care of him/her, and stay together for the rest of your life. All this are part of weighing the situation & responsibilities of getting married. Marriage is a divine arrangement ordained by God and it’s the only avenue for opposite sex to do anything without the fear of being punished. Yes,marriages are not bed of roses but if you have a proper understanding of it, staying in it will not be a problem. Wish you all a happy home

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