You wink almost every second our eyes met
Though I kept my gaze away
you came over to my table ‘n’ whispered in my ear
my instinct declined
Gallantly, you stood among friends and families

In my face was a beautiful diamond ring
“Will you marry me?”
you echoed
countless times my heart skipped
my eyes bled really fast
with joy I screamed
“Yes I will”
quietly said, if this was a dream, I don’t ever want to wake

The harmathan is here
All flowers had withered and blown off
clocks ticks ‘n’ dings re-sound
Your sight I seeketh still

Friends and Families kept murmuring
when is the d-day
lies kept multiplying though I often ran out of them
In singleness I lay listening to the silence of my heart
It was all fun and games from the onset

Darkness came hurriedly
The darkest fist hit me so hard
Take back your cuffs and set me free
I screamed angrily
Then I realised
A foetus is hanging
Which way forward?
I need my life back.

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