The Nigeria premiere University, University of Ibadan, Ibadan had its annual debating event tagged JAW WAR 16. It was held at the Faculty of the Social Sciences lecture theatre on 14th September,  2016, it started off around 3:30CAT.
The program had the likes of Mr Demola Lewis and the former Dean of students Affairs of the University, professor Alada. Different halls of residence had their representatives in attendance and the program also had a panel of five judges and a chief judge.

It was indeed a great event to behold as the turn out was massive. Jaw war has been a great event in the history of University of Ibadan, uniting great minds. The results of the debate was disclose immediately the event come to an end. However,  the jaw battle continues 15th September, 2016 as Faculties will rise against Faculties and only the strong will keep standing and talking as the slogan for the programme was represented with these hash tags, #Standup Speakup #Shutup.

Tedder hall vs Obafemi Awolowo hall–71.66%-68%
Bello hall vs Alexander hall–81%-74%
Independence hall vs Nnamdi Azikiwe hall –70%-68%
Queen Elizabeth Hall vs Mellanby hall–85.47%-81%
Kuti hall vs Queen Idia hall–84%-82%


Photo credit: onele Peter and Paul Alasiri

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