The father of the Ghanian Model whose Sexually explicit pictures went viral has referred to his daughter as a shame.
He described his daughter, Vonita Nana Darko as an unintelligent and shameless person and also attributed the lady’s behaviour to her mother’s way of life.

 Nana Darko stressed that God did not ask his daughter to shoot such video and also added that she (his daughter) and her mother, his wife should go on their kneels and weep. He claimed that the mother of his daughter abducted her immediately after her secondary school education and did not give him the opportunity to groom her in the right way.

Nana, chief Executive of jah Entertainment also called his daughter a liar for saying she has a gospel song after listening to an interview that she granted. He said she cannot do do a gospel song as the spirit of God do not dwell in her. However, Volita responded
              “If as young as I am I did not open up our family issues
               on national radio but my father chose to do so, just tell
               him to go and fix whatever problem he has with my mother
               because that is not the main discussion rather the main discussion
               is the music video”
Volita Nana added that she did not lived with her mother rather she lived with her father so if anyone is to be accused of bad upbringing then it should be her father because her mother had nothing to do with her decision to shoot the video.

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