Mr Olufemi Ojikutu, 40 year old Civil Servant insisted at the Igando Customary  Court in Lagos that before  he can grant his wife her request, she has to return  his late mother’s  necklace.

He made this known on Wednesday  while attending  to the suit filed by his wife, Olaide. He said his late mother gave him and his siblings a necklace  each to give to their wife when they get married  on the condition that the wife must be with the forever.

“She told us the value of each necklace. Mine was 21 caret worth 125,000 as at 1995”.

He further  stated that he religiously  kept the necklace for 20 years until 2014 when his wife borrowed  it.

“My wife borrowed  my gold necklace  and has not returned  it; since she want to divorce  me, let her return  my gold necklace”, Olufemi said.

However  he urged the court to grant his wife wish saying  he also is no longer  interested  but wants her to return the gold chain.

Olaide, 28 year old petitioner, who aked for dissolution of her marriage agreed she collected  her husband’s  gold chais.

She accused her husband of infidelity,describing  him as an irresponsible  husband  and father. She said she left her matrimonial  home Feb. 7 2015 adding that her husband  does  not take care of her two children instead  her mother has been the one taking care of the children because  her husband  always  finds it offensive  whenever  She ask for money. 

MR Adegboyega Omilola, president  of the court, “the case would be left without a fixed date of adjournment until the petitioner return  the respondent’s gold necklace” he said.




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