The wedding party has doubled the record of highest Nigerian movie tickets sold hitting over 400m at box office.

In December 2016, the Nollywood movie record stood at 178.5m and seems to remain even amidst the present economy recession in the country.
For the first time in history Nigeria movie beats all Hollywood contenders in the Nigeria box office. The wedding party in the top 10 chart rank no 2 and 10 respectively.

Other money making Nollywood movie include The CEO and Wives on strike which helped locally made films to increase their taking to 30% in 2016 unlike 50% in 2015.
The wedding party has started 2017 on a good note just as it ended 2016 with the highest grossing movie. The movie has indeed sets high bar for Nigeria movie and has also proven a point which is usually argued whether Nigeria movie fans will support Nigeria movies in cinemas just as they do for Hollywood blockbusters.

According yo Mo’abudu,  Executive Producer of the wedding party, it has always been a question of quality. “We set out, quite deliberately,  to make high quality movie that any Nigerian would be proud of and will be willing to spend their hard end money on”.

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