The graduates of University of Ibadan launched a Prissue platform known as is an online e-community customers advocating for their rights. makes sure customer’s complaints are well documented to that particular organization, every new issue posted is tagged unresolved which affects the organization‘s rating on a scale of 1-100%.  If this however get resolved, then the organization rating increases altogether.

 Furthermore, other users can comment on one another issues, vote concerns (works like Facebook like, but now you concerned), say whether they have experienced something similar from the same organization, help the victim tweet to the said organization using the tweet-tobutton at the bottom of each posts and also share the posts on major social media outlets. Pictures, pdf files, docx files can be attached as evidences to the posted issues.
Prissue will also ensure picking up of critical issues posted and advocate for it to be resolved pulling all strings both offline and online. So interested investors, customer-right advocates, organizations, are invited to partner.
We will be launching January 4th, 2017.
*” der Kunde ist König “*.  I know you may not be familiar with that. But when I say *”the customer is king”*, you now say, “oh oh”. The saying is a German variation of the slogan, *”Customers are always right”* which was popularized by retailers in the 19th century. This slogan advocates for genuine customer satisfaction from businesses and that customers’ complaint should be treated with utmost respect and urgency.
On **,  your complaints are logged and subsequently transferred to the business entity. For every complaint made against a business, it’s tagged ‘unresolved’ which affects the business rating on our platform and when such issues are resolved, it increases the business rating.
The platform also features tools that gives customers a transparent comparative analysis of similar businesses based on their record of resolving customers’ agitations among other awesome features.
For inquiries and partnerships, you can call any of the following numbers *08169369550, 08140307665,07061282516*
Or visit
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