My mobile phone has been ringing in the last few hours over my supposed impeachment by the Students’ Representative Council.

I am not surprised about the outcome of today’s sitting as my initial suspension did not follow the due process as recognized by the union’s constitution which categorically stated that allegations such as the ones levelled against my office should be referred first to the SRC disciplinary committee after which if found guilty an option of suspension can follow.
“Well since some part of the SRC are now politically driven, I was suspended without this process followed, a breach of the constitution by those who are supposed to be guarding it.
I must sincerely salute the council for taking the pain to scrutinize the financial dealings of our last Students’ Union week which was chaired by my office.
But I am also shocked that the council went ahead to debate the committee’s report and even pronounced an impeachment  without an option of FAIR HEARING as the Nigerian constitution stipulates.
The council today did not send me any letter of invitation to come and defend the final hearing of the allegations levelled against my office. Some honourables went ahead with libelous and slanderous defamation of my name without me being present to defend their claims.

This does not happen in any part of the world and a prestigious university like ours should not initiate such unethical practices.                                   


  I understand that because of my penchant of not bowing that to miscreants who label themselves Godfathers or because I refuse to part the union’s money with hooligans, I am been blackmailed in connivance with their friends in the council.
Naturally I should have just let this go at least to make these unscrupulous elements feel they won but the support and sweat you put into my campaign, I should be accountable to you all.

 I foresaw this ahead, I kept receipts and important documents of the financial transactions of the SU week in a very safe place, no wonder they burgled my office while on suspension thinking they could cart away these documents.
The leadership of the SRC has acted in the best interest of Uites, they only want me to prove my innocence and I will.

I am already retrieving major documents, tellers and receipts and in few days will provide all to the council. I will also make copies of this available to the Union of Campus Journalist 

I hope by so doing the SRC will follow the due course of inviting me to re-appear in the chamber with a review of an “unjust” resolution.

I also wish to thank anyone including honourable members who have been objective so far in this case.

“But I repeat I will rather stay impeached than bribe, bow to or hail any supposed miscreants godfathers”.

The Union is not for sale! said Aderoju Okunsanmi.

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