​Omotola Jolade popularly called omosexy by her fans expressed her opinion on marital betrayal when she went to the Big Brother Naija house on Friday, where she exhorted the housemates to marry “a man or lady that got you.” 

She said: “My husband trusts me and I will never deceive his trust. It’s a mental thing, he doesn’t determine the status of me, he does not care about that and he does not need to be in light of the fact that I have him. 

“Wed a man or lady that got you, he won’t have to determine your status and you shouldn’t. The moment you begin to investigate her, she feels like there’s something to stow away. 

“My work is essential to me, in the event that I had hitched a man that said you can’t work, there would have been an issue so when I met him, I made it clear that I must be enabled. 

“It’s not just about cash, it’s about your psyche in light of the fact that your brain plays traps on you when you don’t have cash or occupation. 
“Men, permit your ladies to breathe in light of the fact that it is a thing of pride when you remain alongside an intense lady. At the point when a man remains beside a feeble lady, he is a powerless man. The more powerful your partner is, the more powerful you are, so don’t fear strong ladies”.

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