Ojo Aderemi, a campus politician and the convener of the PATRIOTIC INTELLIGENTSIA wrote a warm and welcoming address to the matriculants.
This day, the 9th day of March, Year of our Lord 2017, around 4,000 students of the most prestigious University in West Africa are matriculating.

I will like to make you understand that you are the most privileged students in the country -being matriculated into the first and best University in Nigeria and West Africa. Students (who have graduated or are still around) are doing very fine globally. Four of our students, Amolegbe Abd-ul Mojeed, Onele Peter-Cole, Sadik Gbenga and Akinpelu Rophiat, are currently in the United States to battle world universities in the Hult Prize contest. Another set of students, Adereni Abiodun and others, won the Hackaton Contest in Kenya recently. You can do something too.


YOU NEED to make use of all the resources available around to develop yourself. Develop any talent you possess.
MAKE SURE you imbibe the culture of an independent life. Although seek for assistance but try as much as possible not to, always, depend on other people to help you do difficult things. The University should produce independent thinkers.
JOIN ORGANISATIONS that impact positively and intellectually on you. There are ideological groups on campus that develop you politically. There are groups for entrepreneurs and thinkers on campus too.
PARTICIPATE IN POLITICS. This is quite important to your life as students. We need intellectuals on the political terrain of this country and there is a global demand on University of Ibadan to produce them. We need more selfless individuals than the overwhelmingly selfish ones who have looted our country’s treasury to death. You can feel the pain yourself with the welfare situation on campus.
CONGRATULATIONS to you on your matriculation and welcome to the gathering… And struggle too.

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