It’s April first and a reason to pick up the pieces and believe for a new dawn and fresh air.

Many dreams, goals and aspirations only to disappear amidst the turmoil of the seemingly reassuring month.
I’ll leave my old ways and push for a better me yet all get blown away like a powder in the hand of a beauty queen.

Having the ideas up there is great but the manifestation of it is greater.

The month of April is the fourth month of the year and the only only month tagged “fools month”. Having wait for this month to do that which you couldn’t do in the last three month shows the foolish part of you as month activities embedded in this month comes with elements of jokes, never taken seriously. 

Procrastination has never been a friend to man but man never let go of the devil that keeps robbing him off opportunities. 

Opportunities comes but once…The intelligent people keeps it at first sight but fool bid it bye and require its present at odd hours.

It’s a new month again so I challenge you to break out of the glass as no fish in the aquarium ever have the freedom of that in the river…

Be motivated and never leave what ought to be done today for tomorrow as tomorrow never exist.

Welcome to a new month.

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