Skinny Baba is a savvy, resourceful entertainer with a unique style and persona that leaves audience wanting more. Funny, witty, versatile and #DOPE
Oroale Eniola (aka Skinny Baba) is a final student of University of ibadan studying sociology.

 OluwaSkinny is certified to literally get u high with ribcracking jokes and dexterous delivery of richly entertaining content. 

Nigeria has been the perfect stage of all forms of drama from top to bottom and the only way to wait patiently for every scene to unfold is making ourselves happy.

U don’t wanna miss this, make it a date with  Skinny Baba Unveiled 

Comedy | Music | Dance Promises to be fun, exciting, classic, engaging, educating and entertaining. Performing acts: MC Rain, Spartacus, George Armani, GeeJokes, Nash, Kamp, Sultan, Gokelet, MC 2talk, S-Dollar, Lil Money, Wheelyams, Da Flow, Hagreen, Lil Rain, Alpha Squad, D Movement + lots more Music by Dj Banty  

Venue: SUB Event Center 

Date: 21st April, 2017 

Time: 4pm 

Admission is free

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