who am I? 

The one who lacks a place to lay his head

Termites, flies and rats are my friendly foes

Mama bunmi’s waste bin is my regular kitchen
who am I? 

The boy with tattered clothes

whose mother’s shop is at the tail end of that famous canal

This canal, my source of drinking water

who am I? 

The kid whose father is unknown

The one nurtured by she who might never know him

mama’s mental illness didn’t give a sign 

I will never leave her 

wait a minute

I’m all grown up

the name couldn’t be wash away

the street held on to my garment

I’ll not relent

mama oyoyo

I board destiny bus

dinning with kings was not easy but I did

my skills amaze them

wanted by all

the mad woman’s son is now the celeb

I am made from the the street

I now dress like a king

spoke as a leader

erased mama’s insanity

who am I? 

I am the homeless boy who is not hopeless

Although, terrified and oppressed by circumstances

chased away from your door step because of my appearance

never allowed to talk to you because mama laugh too much

but, here and now

I am made by the STREET. 

Photo credit: Dara media

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