your existence seems to have faded away

mama nah boy

The name carrier

son of the soil

our baby has arrived

noise and cheers filled the atmosphere
day after day the age increases and you no longer needed them to watch you

you toil and till the ground for a means of survival.

you survived
your survival knew no bound until the bruce ground decides to fight back

it was horrible

many prayed against being swallowed up by the ground

yours fell on deaf ears
darkness surrounds the corner of the house

I couldn’t fathom

is it Thursday yet?

I ask myself and few others who gave a listening ear

dashed out to check whether the Arabs are outside waiting for the usual alms
why this crowd?

why tears and not laughter?

my heart raced at a higher rate
mum wanted to be strong but her body failed her

I tried to find solace in my sister who was drenched in her own tears

I was scared

then I realised a missing figure
where is daddy?

all eyes became fixed like electric cables plugged on me for survival

mama pulled me closer

she couldn’t explain as English language wasn’t her thing

so i joined the crying team
I figured dad was gone

to where?

I don’t know

but it seems to hurt everyone around
I cried my little eyes to sore

where is my protector?

my love and God

who will wisper bebe/blackarab to me?

cried even harder
24 years of departure but seems like you never came

you are never forgotten


not by me or my siblings/mum

we just missed you to the extent that talking about you bring back pain
on this father’s day I remember you and your kindness and please to celebrate my ICON.

Rest on dad

Alhaji monsuru omobolawale abolade (omitogun)

(Blackarab for the family)

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