Is the question on all their lips


Is the question often on trips:

Tributes to their virtuous thieves

The very ones they call High Chiefs.
See, Khaki man loved his people

And wanted them to spend less on crude*

He went to buy them subsidy

The only short term remedy.
He sold the rights to his friends

To turn their crude to something good;

His friends became Oliver Twist

Asking for long term subsidy.
Instead of less they now pay more

For Crude that oozes out of their skin;

Tributes to their virtuous thieves

Dem-all-crazy made them chiefs.
Haven’t they been to Libya…

Where crude is doing very good?

Or far away Venezuela

Where crude is sold for four naira?
Tributes to their virtuous thieves

Who made the tailors dress in rags;

All hail their virtuous High chiefs

Who made the butchers eat the bones.
Credit: Oladele Madamidola

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