​Tomi Adesina is a screenwriter and fiction series blogger based in Lagos, Nigeria. She blogs at tomiadesina.wordpress.com.

Tomi started blogging in 2012 and has been privileged to be a recipient of awards like “Best Writing Blog” in the 2013 edition of the Nigerian Blog Award and Young Writer of the Year in the 2016 edition of the Nigerian Writers Award. She has completed several amazing fiction series on her blog.
Other works include: Deadline (Season 1), Broadway (A Ghanaian Telenovela), Feisty John (A Homevida project for Internet security) and the now trending Hakkunde by Asurf Oluseyi.

George’s Pieces of Me is Tomi’s first published work, and it is a collection of poems and short stories.

Where do you hail from? 

– I’m from Osun state. 

Tell us about your family and education background 

– I have three brothers, I am the only girl born to our parents. I attended various schools as a kid so it’s some work listing them but from the ones I remember – Caleb Nursery, Primary, Secondary schools, Jextoban Secondary school and then I graduated from St Francis Catholic School. I attended Bowen University for my first degree and had my second degree from the University of Lagos. 

What ignited the desire to venture into writing being a microbiologist? 

– I have always been a writer. I have a first degree in Microbiology and second degree in Environmental Biology but writing will always be home for me. I have been a writer before my degrees. 

What inspire your book particularly the title? 

– The character George is one that interests me and seeing his development come to life even in stories is something I’m particular about. I think George represents me in a sense and also he’s a relatable human and so the audience can connect with him and his struggles and also his triumphs. 

Five years ago you tweeted that you want to have your book published, how do you feel seeing your dream come through?  

– It’s an amazing feeling and one that I’m thankful to God for the privilege. I am really excited about it. 

What has been your most frustrating experience as a writer? 

– Trying to get published. It’s been a task hence there was the need to take really instructive steps as regards seeing it come to life. I feel we don’t have enough publishing houses here in Nigeria or better yet, we don’t have publishing houses willing to take a risk on first time writers, maybe because of the uncertainty surrounding their prospects/talents but I feel there’s a market for every writer and they just need someone to recognise it and give them the necessary nudge. 

Do you think we have enough writers in Nigeria especially among the youths? 

– I don’t particularly think there can ever be enough writers. But there’s a teeming populace and it’s really interesting. We can always do better. 

What should your fans look out for at your forthcoming book launch?  

– A beautiful experience, by God’s Grace. Poetry, music, laughs and a book 

In three sentences, advice youths that are aspiring to be a good writer like you 

– I won’t be able to do three sentences, but most importantly, write and write and write…then read too. 

Thank you, 

Tomi Adesina 

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