The Natural hair solution 
For ladies that don’t have front hair,front hair loss & breakage.

For guys that have bald head and want to grow beards. I have a new product that is trending in market for U. 

it regrows hair within 2 weeks. The product is “Tush hair growth cream “…..The natural hair solution with no side effect cos it was made from Natural Extract and its 100% Organic.

  • For rapid hair hair growth
  • Baldness and beards

  • Treatment of dandruff 

  • Hair loss and breakage 

  • Darkens the hair

  • soften hard hair
    How to use

Apply it morning and night after bathing, massage the area you are applying it for at least 10-30 seconds so it can penetrate for immediate effect. 

Effect begins 7days for ladies and 14 days for Men.
Place Your Order now we have distributors in Nigeria,Ghana and Benin Republic.

Call or Whatsapp : +22968262958 or +2348065002963.


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