Popular golf player, Tiger Woods pleaded guilty today to reckless druving and also agrred to a diversion program avoiding DUI.


The 41-year-old former golfer, was booked on a driving under the influence charge in Florida after he was found asleep behind the wheel of his Mercedes-Benz, which was parked about 15 miles away from his home.


The one time god of golf pleaded that, as part of his diversion program, he should be allowed to spend a year on probation, attend DUI school within a month, perform 20 hours of community service, attend a workshop where victims of impaired drivers discuss how their lives were damaged and pay a $250 fine within six months as well as court costs and make an additional $250 donation to Palm Beach County Victim Services.

If he completes his duties, his reckless driving charge will be expunged from his record. If he violates probation, it will be revoked and he could face a 90-day jail sentence and a fine of up to $500.



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