Mercy Olamide Afolaranmi, a student of Microbiology at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, allegedly committed suicide over poor grades.

The parent of Mercy Olamide Afolaranmi who died in a rather controversial situation have rejected police report and asked that the Osun State Command carry out thorough investigation about their daughter’s death.


Mrs Elizabeth,  mother of the 100 level student said her daughter called her on Tuesday to inform her about coming home for a seminar.


On Wednesday, Mrs Elizabeth said she called her daughter to confirm whether she is still coming home or not.


“On Wednesday around 2pm, I called her telephone line to know whether she’s on her way, when I called, her roommate picked. She said my daughter was sleeping and I inquire to know if she is not coming home again,  she said she is not coming because she is ill. She said my daughter is sleeping and has shut the door on herself”.


“Around 6pm, I called again and the same girl picked up saying my daughter is still sleeping and her door still locked. I told her to go and knock and tell my daughter I wanted to speak to her, she said my daughter said she’ll speak with me later”.


“At about 7:30pm, I called back and this girl told me that it seems my daughter had taken rat poison. I asked how she knew since she was not inside with her. She said that the smell git to where she was. I told her to get people to force the door open and she told me that she has already done that”.


Mother of the deceased said that mercy’s friend requested for the sum of 20,000 naira which was suppose to be a fee for mercy’s admission in a private hospital.


Mrs Elizabeth said that when she got to the hospital,  mercy’s friends observed that her pulse are weak. She started crying and praying for her daughter to return back to life.


Mercy’s father said his daughter is a devoted Christian who knows that she will go to he’ll if she kill herself. We brought her up with God’s words.


Although,  autopsy report had been released but the parent are yet to access it.



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