On a sunny afternoon myself and two other friends had a heated discussion over some bottle of chilled drink to pass time

Bola, do heart really get broken asked by my female friend who probably was drinking with us but quietly nursing her injury. 

For a minute no one could replied then I broke the silence and said, technically, hearts don’t get broken because biologically, it is fleshy in nature.

 I succeeded in cleaning my plate but throw in more confusion for the poor girl who had her heart broken.

Kingsley was quick to bail me out. He said, tactically speaking, hearts don’t get broken but emotionally, it can damage. This caught her attention and she beg for further explanation

“I believed life is about cost and effect and this is applicable to our relationship lives too”. As human, we weigh both options and go for the one that suits us. Therefore, the issue of heart break always set in when a party feels he/she didn’t gain as envisaged from their partners so for ‘self righteousness and justification, the losing partner comes up with term like ‘heart break’ 

However, emotionally, broken heart are not logical as it appears more imaginary. 

Faith wasn’t really convinced.

You guys are so cold and damaged, as she yelled on top of her voice. Broken heart is an expression for being jilted and yes! Heart breaks because as you said, biologically, when your heart stops working, it breaks down.
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Do heart really get broken?

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