Growing up as a child in a semi-urban locale in the wake of the last century gave people of my likes the fortuitous to witness albeit with ecstasy the scenes of men though scruffy, shabby and threadbare but pleasing to our sight.

What actually pleases us then, we do not know. Is it the nous of seeing someone averagely not in the same social strata with us and perhaps helping them with a grandma’s calabash of water in order to have the chance of stroking their cows; maybe that was the source of the pleasure we derive in seeing the nomadic herdsmen pass by with their flock aptly stratified in movement; we cannot tell but a fact remains undisputed that once in a while when they show up we love being in their midst.

How times change tides? The Fulani herdsmen of yesteryears have metamorphosed into what words have failed us to describe astutely. What do we say of folks who now do not have cattle but consecrated ones for that matter? One which has the insurance of the number one citizen of the state? One who even if it by intent or interest bumped on your farmland and trample upon your borrowed gleaming seedlings from the next farmer, you have no right to complain.

The recent spate of irate explosion of the Fulani herdsmen isn’t just condemnable, unthinkable, inhuman and insensitive but also a show of an eroded set of fixated and unethical ethnic dogmatist graduating daily in effrontery, impudence and brass.

We’ve actually heard just enough of them in the past few months. I literally do not know how justified to live among humans are a bunch of individuals who after feeling the fragrance of the unperforated shield of someone of their threshold think they can hold a nation of Nigeria’s repute to ransom.

Well, even I believe that is cheesy and over-bloated, for how much repute is left of a country where the lives of cattle is very much important than the lives of human. I wonder how much repute is left of a nation where some folks can be so irrationally dramatic to cut open the womb of a pregnant woman and empty the young content; killing over 70 in Benue and another over 50 in Taraba?

But what do we say? Are they not under the buffer of someone of their own? Is the body language of the Nation’s numero uno citizen not convincing enough that they can continue the bloodshed and nothing; absolutely nothing is gonna happen? Hasn’t the IGP said they are fellow Nigerians and as such should tolerate them, by extension and their killings? Hasn’t he said it’s just a communal infraction? Hasn’t Lalong said he warned Ortom earlier, not to implement the anti-grazing law? Ask him why, because the kindred of the principal occupant of Aso Rock will go berserk?

Didn’t El Rufai go meet them at an agreed place and pay ransom to them plus pleading that they shouldn’t come near his state? Hasn’t over 70 people been buried in Benue in the midst of emotional outburst and their history buried with them? Hasn’t the FG start considering grazing colonies? Hasn’t Miyyetti Allah come out to say they are responsible for the attack and they’ll still do more if Governor Ortom refuses to review the anti-grazing law? Haven’t they demanded for a federal Ministry of Cattle Rearing? Haven’t they asked to be compensated after wasting lives of fellow humans in Benue and Taraba state? Hasn’t VP Osinbajo said Governor Ortom was lying about writing him a letter to inform him of the potential attacks way back in April when he was the Acting President of the nation?

Sometimes, the situation of this country makes you want to go gaga because everything just go beyond comprehension; isn’t it a shame that we are trading blames and playing games with human lives when we can actually do something to salvage the situation?

Why hasn’t the Federal Government taken drastic steps to stop the killings? I mean these are folks that hold no regard for human lives evidently and they threatened to do more. Oh yes, he sent the IGP, right? Ask what warm welcome was given to the IGP in advance? Herdsmen ransack a police station and kill two of the IGP’s officers, how warm a welcome! Okay, the FG wants to go military as usual just like in the case of Don, the scumbag behind the New Year killings who the army hunted down in a week, fine, do it. You wanna be civil this time around, these people are folks you know, round them up and let the court hear out their case.

All in all; what FG should know is that all Nigerians know that Miyyetti Allah is not faceless, clueless and helpless. The pretense about being the victims where they are villains is enough!

The soul of the actual victims of Benue Massacre seeks justice.

Mujaheed Yousuph Marouph

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