Dear Soul,
I have known you for so long. Even before time, you’ve been here with me. You have being my first and best friend. The one that I converse with in my solitude. You are the one that plays beautiful music with solemn rhythm anytime I’m down. You have being my inspiration. My encouragement.

Sometimes I lost myself in me but you always find ways to restore me back to normality. You have been awesome to me. I can’t deny it. Most of the challenges I face, you’re quick to find lasting solutions. How can I forget your benefits, my soul? Even when I don’t know your worth and work, you still stood by me. Even when you’re broken, your broken pieces still took care of me.

I wonder how you can discern between pain and enjoyment in milliseconds. You’re the well in my being. You’re the best pain absorber I’ve ever met. You do all you can to protect me to your own detriment.

I write you my soul because I miss you. I don’t know where you are but I know you can hear me. These days, the world seems crumbling on me. Day and night, I conversed but you weren’t there to reply. Where have you been my soul?

Don’t sabotage me. I really need you this time. Just last night, I cried myself to sleep. Because the gravitational force of the world is acting upon me. You’re my frictional force that keeps everything in balance. But you are nowhere to be found.

See, I can’t take it any longer. I hope you’d be back soon. To accompany me with your words that kindle strength. To give me that pat on the back. To give me the mesmerizing kiss on my forehead. To show me how beautiful I am. I hope you come back soon.

You used to tell me I’m the world greatest resource. I don’t feel like it anymore. It looks like the world’s workload is on my head. I can’t overcome this except you come to my rescue. Come back and reassure me that I’m still the world greatest resource. Come back soon, I need you now than ever.

Your friend,

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