For how long shall I continue in this imaginary state? 
How well do I pose for a clearer picture
My feet hurt from this sojourn I embark

The loneliness on the path crush my hopes

For how long shall I alone walk along this terrific field

Clouded with so many illusion  just to kick my emotions into a ditch of commotion  without concrete notion
 shall I ever be sane again

If being sane makes me weak

May I remain insane
Your magical voice terrifies my fear

Your teary eyes dry my pains

But how long shall I wait

In the scarcity of abundance

Seeing you give my meal away 
This friendless counter

Keeps reminding me of my pace

But if we be adorned with its face

I shall adore the hair on your chest, placing it against numbers a million time

I’ll stroke it back and forth

For hardened bell beneath you shall I worship a thousand years more
Dear coy prince

Bet we’ve been cheated

Time friend no man

Take off the veil for its ripping me apart

Hurt enough to destroy my hopes

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