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These thoughts are straight from my heart and I’ll like to start up by saying the current administration and leadership of this country has brought us to that point where anybody can say almost anything unedifying of it and won’t be wrong. If we are to be objective and true to ourselves, putting the present condition of the country to context, we’ll admit that defending the Buhari-led administration is a herculean task as frustration continues to grow in the hearts of the citizens.

For an administration that came in with so much promise with the major agenda of fighting corruption, as we all feel that all of our problems in this country starts and ends with corruption, 2015 made us feel like we had eventually found a messiah who is the next best thing after Jollof-rice. Yes! That’s where it all started from and I feel we got so carried away by the wedding so much that we forgot about the marriage! I think the new bride swept us off our feet so much that we didn’t realize the honeymoon took too long!
I think we were so much in love that we didn’t even read the signs properly or probably, all we saw was perfection! I think we totally forgot that politicians will always remain politicians and the only thing that makes them different is the party they belong. How could we have fallen so easily for another round of political fallacies and propagandas? Or maybe our expectations were just too high, or we showed too much desperation? Well, what do I know? The axiom should be – Nigerian Politicians; breaking our hearts since independence. But yet, we fall in love again.

To think the signs were so clear that the current administration had no post-election plans and strategy. They only wanted power, went all out for it and got it. This is an administration that came in, and ran without ministers for six months (Yes, we were that patient) because we assumed our president was compiling a list of candidates from Mars but guess what? When the list was eventually made public, I mean the much anticipated list of our “plausible and most trusted” intellectuals and technocrats, the old faces we tried to push out surfaced again. A clear case of old wines in fully branded new bottles.

Personally, I have lost count of how many times the president doubled as the minister of tourism and at some point, we couldn’t even tell of his whereabout as (for those who can relate) we checked the room, he wasn’t there, and for the times he stayed away, the country was a ship without a captain.

Did I mention the period when the president couldn’t operate from his office because rodents reportedly infested the President’s office. Are you surprised? Well, don’t be, as we Nigerians got used to being fed with bewildering stories as this under the “change” era and we’re even glad they haven’t blamed it on past administrations as usual, it is a good thing to have moved on from that.

Talking about past administrations, did I hear someone say we could have stayed with the last administration? Please! This isn’t to hold briefs for or against any individual or party, but if the last administration was so good, Nigerians wouldn’t have considered a new option. One of the facts I’ll easily admit is that it wasn’t the love for Buhari that made Nigerians vote him into power, but the need to try something new, someone whom we felt can make stern decisions and drive us towards a better Nigeria. Maybe it hasn’t turned out as expected, these things happen, but weighing the last administration against the current, for me, is different ends of the same snake and I will gladly say it is no love lost, no love found.

Conclusively, I will premise my opinion on the fact that we can try again. The good thing is how 2019 is around the corner and stands as another opportunity to show this country some real love. We can decide the fate of this country through our thumbs. We can weigh our next option critically. We can correct our wrongs. We can make the right choice in 2019 and live with it for another 4 years or maybe longer. Put your thumb to good use in 2019, remember it’s not a government for you alone but a government for us all. Most importantly, we can together, make Nigeria great again.

Temidayo E. Ayodele.

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