Street beggars

On a high low

Steady hasty vehicles

Many heads and few legs

Rushing towards a direction

Buses and cars sped off in high tone

Some skidded off their zone

Several funny cute faces in rags

Staring in happiness and sadness

Kids on bare foot running back and forth the busy road

Auntie, whistles incarnation to get my little cash

Babies clinged to the back like load for endless trip

Dusty rusty movement

Wailing for a landing space

Here comes the man in khaki

Kicking asses while flunting their car keys

Echoes of the homes beckon like a clapping thunder

Give us a place to place our heads or leave us to the street where help we meet

A loud sound from the riffle

The earth gathers it’s strength in support


A soul became ‘soulless’





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