“How on earth could she have lied to me with so much gut? Why would she even dare to claim what she is not because I penetrated so easily, in fact, after several strokes, in awe of what was happening, I kept going faster for sign of  blood but there was no blood; now tell me, is this not the peak of deceit”?

These were the questions my friend desperately needed answers to after he discovered his long time sweet heart wasn’t a virgin.

“Virginity, a state of the mind”

Technically, there is no absolute definition of virginity or who a virgin is but there is a dictionary definition encoded in cultural and traditional beliefs. Dictionary defines virginity as a state at which an individual has not has sexual intercourse.

The issue of virginity is embedded in several misinformations, wrapped in cultural and religious beliefs. Dated back to the traditional era, virginity is attached to intact hymen which serves as proof of maidenhood, but the question that clouds my head while my friend rant was, what good is a membrane that can rupture naturally and knowing that some girls are not even born with it, also hymenoplasty is an option this days.

Cultural and Religious belief has made virgins sacred and virginity, determinant of purity and moral behavior, neglecting the myths that come with these beliefs. It is misconception of the concept, ‘virginity/virgin’ that makes people view a lady that does not bleed on her first sexual intercourse as non-virgin. Also, traditionally, virginity is portrayed through a blood stain on a white cloth on the night of marriage which is assumed that the man and woman will have sex for the very first time. This traditional way of telling the world that the new bride is a virgin as played a huge role in the conception of virginity which has subjected several women to reproach, neglect, abuse, pain, loss of a good man, societal disgrace but to mention few…

Bleeding during or after first sex should be frown at because it in no way describe a virgin. According to British Medical Journal, 63% of women are not likely to bleed on their first sex because the hymen differs in every woman. This difference however, is the determinant of bloodshed from a woman’s vagina. Study reviewed that some women have very tiny hymen which partially covers the vagina. In this case, a woman with a tiny hymen will allow easy penetration without any form of obstruction from the hymen while women with a larger hymen which covers virtually all part of their vagina will experience difficulty during sexual intercourse which invariable lead to hurting them during penetration then later produce blood.

Therefore, it became pertinent to publish this article for lack of information leads to deformation. Also, to eradicate mischievous beliefs that, every virgins must bleed on their first sexual intercourse.








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  1. Nice write up, bin guilty of this. It was later I got to realise dis but it was way too late. Ire thanks for this

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