Every relationship we find ourselves ought to be an eye opener to us about life. If it’s not making us better people, we ought not to be in it. Whether it’s a relationship with animals or human

Every interaction became for a reason and it is left to us to scrutinize and understand. I was in a market sometime ago looking for a particular specie of fish and waoh! I got insult of my life just because i have preference. This makes me remember the romantic relationship I’ve found myself in and the lessons I learnt.

I learnt that in life, it is not everyone you come across that is worthy to have a moment with you.

My exes are terrifically wonderful set of people and for once, I never regret I met them but it’s painful I expected too much from them.

Mr T, happens to be my official first boyfriend and damn! He was such a nice person. He was like the guy from my dreamland so I put in everything, well, maybe not everything though but then, I so wanted it to fulfil my childhood wish.

At a particular time I had to call myself back to my drawing  board so as to remember my art…sooner,  I realised Mr T didn’t even meet my specification but still, I didn’t plan on “in and out” affair so I kept pushing for a better him…


Bom! It’s because our routine. Argument upon argument and unnecessary allegations then it dawned on me that I am not holy spirit the changer of human.  lol

one very good day which stayed with our usual made me pull the red card without a blink and that was it.


Fast forward to Mr E

I thought after my earlier crash, I wouldn’t make any mistakes so I took my time to sieve and then allowed the “best” in.

Soft spoken, cute, goal oriented, heaven cautious and more… (laugh)

I said to myself, “this is the destination”. Mr E was all the good thing I mentioned but several bad that I refused to concede till his attitude flame pollute my air…and it also ended.

  1. Don’t rush into a relationship
  2. Never try to manage someone/change their perception because it might be considered as being pompous
  3. When allegations becomes frequent, do your research because such fellow is guilty
  4. Love is not emotional
  5. Don’t necessarily tell all that happened in past relationship in a new one because you don’t owe anybody that much.


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